Well, 2020 has been interesting.

And by interesting, I mean it frikkin' sucks. Like, a lot. So once restrictions started lifting a bit and I felt comfortable enough to start photographing (masked up with sanitizer allll over the place), I talked to Lisa, who is one of my real brides for 2020.

Enter a Heading

I've known Lisa for....lets see, probably 9 years now. She has modeled for me countless times, so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I was STOKED.

So I had a bunch of pent up creative ideas that had been popping around since quarantine, so she brought a wedding dress and I sent her an amazing mask I found online. Ya know, because it wouldn't be a 2020 bridal shoot without a handmade face mask.

Literally, Lisa is a goddess

Its definitely challenging being a photographer right now; I put on my big ass lenses so I wasn't all up in her face, sanitized every piece of furniture either of us touched and had my mask firmly in place. I made sure a mirror was available so if there was a hair out of sorts, she could fix it.

Lisa is a champ and I didn't have to do much except just let her do her thing.

Scissor Tail Studios Tulsa offered us a safe haven, air conditioning and a VERSATILE option for a modern yet boho vibe for her session.

It was so nice to interact and work with a human being after being in quarantine for so long. And Lisa just brought the damn fire to this shoot.