it was snowing

in Springfield that day. Being from Oklahoma, I was expecting maybe a couple of soft snowflakes. But nope, we got those big, puffy flakes with ice to boot. The sky was overcast, diffusing the harsh midday sun. The venue was warm; a lodge with beautiful windows looking out towards a mature tree on lawn. And man did those windows help make some MAGIC.

I think they're first look was my favorite. Because it was just us in the big room, the snow coming down hard outside and everything was magically quiet and serene.

I'm a sucker for details

Flower and ring shoots are kind of my favorite.

I think my favorite part

about weddings, is the portraits. So here you go. All the photos of these freakin awesome couple.

It was dimly lit so we used this window to create an amazing cascade of light that really brought out their wedding colors and gave us an uber dramatic, classic vibe.

All about the ceremony

They had a hand fasting, which is an ancient ceremony that symbolizes their bond to each other and their commitment. I absolutely love it when people incorporate these long held traditions into their modern ceremonies.

We all froze for a little bit

We all took one for the team today. My fingers didn't work for a bit afterwards because I left my gloves in Oklahoma.


Congratulations to danny & Rebecca!