Baylee & Curtis intimate wedding in

Arkansas was simply a beautiful and touching experience. The love you felt in the room was palpable; not just between the couple but the family that had gathered there together to celebrate. Even down to the cake plate, which was a piece of wood from a fallen tree on Baylee's family property, all stained and prepared just for her. The bursts of yellow sunflowers created such a lively and welcoming vibe to the wonderfully crisp fall day that it just made me smile when I walked in.

I loved that they trusted me to go out one more time as the sun was setting through the thick nestle of trees on the mountain that the housed the venue, and let me photograph them in the evening light one last time before they ran off for a well deserved dinner.

Being a part of this wedding so rad and I can't wait to share it with you!

This wedding was out of state for me; about a 3 hour drive through the beautiful Ozark's and finding a little hotel on the cusp of Eureka Springs for my stay. It was right next to a pizza place so I was pretty much at home.