This bride & Groom were ready to be married.

COVID-19 had already put their beach side wedding to the back of their mind, as the concern for their guests and family out weighted the long awaited day.

So we waited, and planned again. This time in July. And with COVID rearing its head once again, Elizabeth and Mitch decided to transform Elizabeth's grandmothers Florida home into their wedding venue. I will tell you even with the rain, a pandemic, and the normal stress of a wedding, these two didn't flinch. They were just so excited to be married. And I am excited to share one of my first destination wedding (it wasn't in the tristate area so I am counting it!)

To keep people from going indoors at her grandmother's house, the couple rented a room at this GORGEOUS hotel in Downtown Tampa; fun fact, it used to be the courthouse and its pillars shaded us from the intense mid day sun and inside it graced us with its original, large windows that looked out onto some the palm trees below.

Getting ready details are some of my favorite, the energy in the room is excited, nervous and normally intensified with the addition of coffee...and in this case pizza.

It was goooooood pizza too.

I was able to get the guys outside for a bit and they were CHAMPS because it was a litttttle toasty outside.

NOW Lets talk about this dress because hot dang ya'll

This window light was giving me lifffeeee

Dang florida

Something I learned fairly quickly about Florida weather is that it is nearly as unpredictable as Oklahoma weather. We were able to get some amazing portraits for about 5 minutes before the wind picked up and the dappled sunshine turned into storm clouds and downpour within a matter of moments!

We all braved Tampa's 5pm traffic and hurried over to the Elizabeth's grandmother's home. Unfortunately, the rain got there before we did. But you know whats amazing? Having an awesome group of people ready to help get your day back on track.

I think its important to share these images; I think the stress of the "perfect" day really sets some unrealistic goals and SO much stress for couples and their families. When really it is all about taking things in stride, being flexible and surrounding yourself with people that are helpers. THATS how you have a perfect wedding day.

OK here we gooooo. The moment we have all been waiting for.

We escaped for a bit to a nearby park to take some portraits as the wind picked up and the sky was darkening. it was magical.

I'm so thrilled to share these.

This whole day was pure magic and I am still on cloud nine and chasing that feeling of accomplishment and pure love I felt from not only Elizabeth and Mitch but from their amazing family and friends.

Congrats Elizabeth and Mitch!! You showed COVID who's boss, made me feel so so safe capturing your wedding and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!