When my amazing hairdresser asked to bring her dog to her session,

I was immediately like, listen now that you told me you have a dog, you have to bring him.

His name is Murphy and he's the cutest Irish setter on planet earth.

I don't make the rules guys, sorry it's the truth.

Sometimes working with doggos is difficult; they're in a completely new environment and not really sure whats going on. All the new smells, some weirdo with a big box in front of her face trying to get their attention. You know how it goes.

So I pulled out a bed scene for Murphy, I knew he would be more comfortable if his human was level with him and he had room to roam and get belly rubs.

Thankfully, I was super right.

Murphy and Brit brought his favorite toy (A rainbow poop toy. Because its cool) to help him chill and cuddle with.

Literally the chillest dog I have ever photographed, he loved giving kisses to my kiddo who was hanging up at the studio with me that day. And my boyfriend kept interrupting to give him more belly pats.

Murphy was not mad about it.

I hope you all enjoyed the puppy photo spam!!