I'm still reliving this session

It was one of those sessions that just stick with you; that just went so perfectly. From the weather, the lighting, the poses and the outfits. It just...fit.

So I put out a model call for during a chill week, I just wanted some fun couples who needed some photos to let me photograph their lovey dovey stuff. And holy moly, did I find that with Taylor and Amber. I met with them over coffee at my studio I co-own with my bestie, Scissor Tail Studios Tulsa for coffee and to get to know each other.

I immediately knew this would be a super fun couple, they were comfortable with each other and you could just feel the natural chemistry.

Taylor approached me about something super important

She wanted to propose to Amber. At the shoot. I immediately jumped at the idea! Like, who wouldn't?! So between a couple hurried conversations while she walked her dog and cryptic Facebook messages, we were ready. I had already collaborated with Brandon at Like Crazy Wedding Films to film the whole session anyway, since we had started partnering on a few projects and weddings. So it was a perfect set up.

The hardest part was pretending the entire time we weren't setting up for the ending to be something they'd both remember for the rest of their lives.

We hopped around the studio, chasing the best light, angles and moving around furniture so they could dance together.

Amber left the room for a moment

so this is when things got real. Taylor ran over, her hands trembling as I walked her through again what we had talked about. Brandon was a great look out in case Amber came back. So we set up again, back to back. And I asked them to say what they loved most about each other.

When it was Taylor's turn, I slipped the ring to her and instructed them to turn around to kiss. And Taylor took it from there.

Brandon just had the biggest smile on his face while he filmed and my own hands were shaking. its such an amazing experience to capture this for someone.

We made sure they had some time to themselves, got some water and we got a couple of WOOHOO WE'RE ENGAGED! (Spoiler alert she totally said yes)

this is why i do what i do

It all about the people. The stories. The unique, beautiful ways two people come together and decide to stay together, because they can't see themselves with anyone else. The feeling of being able to capture that for someone. Its for the happy tears, the whispered I love you's and trembling hands holding onto each other. I want to wish Amber and Taylor the biggest, most heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for trusting me and Brandon to capture your amazing moment.

p.s. thanks for introducing me to Rainbow Kitten Surprise!

Check out their video below!

by Like Crazy Wedding Films