Let me tell you about Kiandra

This amazingly strong woman started out as a co-worker when we were both baristas. Slinging coffee, getting our kids together for playdates and being wayyyyy too over caffeinated was how we hung out. I watched this lady grow SO MUCH this last year. And on the flip side, she was there for me in so many difficult seasons of my life.

I watched her battle and freakin OWN diabetes and now is kicking its ass with her insulin pump.

Peep this amazing lady and how cool she is.

Just one of the amazing things I love about Kiandra is how confident she is; she's also one of my favorite models to use when I just want to be creative. Her whole aura is just a calm, radiant vibe and she is the ultimate mom friend.

This blog is literally me just bragging about how amazing and strong my friend is. #cantstopwontstop

I asked her if she would be comfortable if I took a photo of her insulin pump. And after we talked about it for a couple moments she said something I'll never forget.

"At first I was really self CONSCIOUS about the pump, but then I realized this is helping to keep me alive. And that is sexy."

after we shot for a bit, we just hung out and drank coffee.

best session ever.

She also brought some of her fave books of poetry. i dig it.

So all in all, we had an amazing shoot and I loved getting to photograph one of my best friends. My biggest love is photographing, strong, amazing women. No photoshop, just comfy vibes and a person, intimate session that shows how freaking amazing they are.