For christmas last year,

Ryan (my bf), surprised me with a reservation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. A 3 night stay in one of the coolest little treehouses in the area. Something that had been on our "list" of things to do for nearly two years. As you can imagine, I was pretty stoked. So I thought, hey, I brought my camera and photographed the crap out of our trip, why not write a blog post?!

So here it is!

I love the drive from Oklahoma to Arkansas

adorable freakin' treehouse

we had the cutest freakin' treehouse

we stopped in rogers to grab a bag of onyx coffee labs beans for our stay.

We had stopped in Rogers to get our fave coffee beans from Onyx Coffee Labs beforehand!

we were dying to hike through the ozark national forest to hit whittakers peak

it was about 40 degrees out, but thankfully no rain in the forecast. We were the only ones on the trail when we set off. Living in a large city, I reveled in the quiet that was the winter woods. It was both calming and eerie at the same time if that makes sense.

I let Ryan lead, because I have zero sense of direction, and as much as I love hiking I probably would've turned around because it wasn't marked as much as someone like me needed. (Aka I use GPS a LOT)

The views were breathtaking.

I was pretty sure we had taken a wrong turn or something, and then BOOM. There it was. Whittakers Point.

After taking about a billion photos on my phone, we took in the sights and brought out my Nikon to get some shots to commemorate the occasion. The views were crazy, and this goes without saying that we were very careful near the ledge, watched for vertigo and made sure we were hella safe while taking these photos.

We literally were on cloud nine walking back down; it might seem like a small hike to some (only around 2ish miles) but for us and our crazzzzy busy schedules this whole three day vacation was something we both really needed. The cold air and the activity re-energized me.

Finishing this blog post up with saying

I would sell a kidney to have a cute little A-Frame cabin nestled up in the Ozark Mountains. Best trip ever.

And to Ryan, adventuring with you is my favorite.